Production of diesel locomotives and other railway vehicles

A modern shunting locomotive TEM TMHwas designed and produced in 2009, featuring firm’s CATERPILLAR diesel engine CAT3512. This project was implemented with help from partners; company “CZ LOKO”from Czech Republic and Briansak’s “Vehicle Production Company” from the Republic of Russian Federation. The company is planning to manufacture 8 diesel locomotives during 2009–2010. Currently this new generation diesel locomotive is being certified in Moscow. It will be granted a product certificate which will provide permission for these diesel locomotives to be exploited in international railway infrastructure system. These company’s activities were inspired by new orders from Lithuanian, Russian and Estonian railroaders. The company has already produced over 50 new shunting locomotives TEM TMH.

4 locomotives TEM TMHB R and 1 locomotive TEM33was manufactured for the Russian market in 2013.

The company has begun a new service in the field of production of specialized railway infrastructure machinery productionin 2012 – 2013 and started to manufacture and repair specialized railway infrastructure railroad vehicles.

Auto draisine WM15.S12 was repaired in 2012. It was designed for the maintenance of the railroads and is used to deliver tracks, gravel and rubble to the repair base. It carries up to 80 tons of load.

The company, together with Italy’s railway transport production company “SVI S.p.A.“ in 20123 have designed and produced the following road machinery:

  • Road vehicle KTD designed to maintain and repair the railway network, was manufactured for Joint-Stock Company Lithuanian Railways infrastructure’s authorities;
  • Road vehicle AGRc-1200was produced for Joint-Stock Company “Geležinkelio tiesimo centras” (Railway Construction Centre) for the road construction and repair works.

More information about diesel locomotives and road equipment produced by the company can be found: