Modernization of shunting locomotive TEM2

TEM2 – one of the most popular shunting locomotives

Available for 1520 mm gauge with maximum speed up to 100 km/h.

Year of beginning of modernization: 2021
Delivered number: 1 units
During modernization only components manufactured in the European Union and the USA were used.
The upgraded TEM2 engine meets the highest Stage V standard in Europe.

Wheel-set arrangement C‘0-C‘0
Rated power, kW 895
Wheel gauge, mm 1520
Maximal speed, km/h 100
Weight, tons 123 (+3% -3%)
Load on axle, tons 20,5
Minimum curve radius, m 80
Diesel engine Caterpillar 32
Power transmission Electric
Transmission type AC/DC
Traction effort on coupling , kN 362
Permanent traction effort on coupling, kN 200
At speed, km/h 11,4
Control circuit voltage, V 24
Fuel consumption saving (in comparison with base model) 25%
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