Internal combustion engine repair

The strategic objectives of Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot are to cooperate with local and foreign companies and to produce new railway vehicles, to complete large-scale renewal repairs of passenger and freight locomotives and planned technical maintenance works, execute and implement remotorization and modernization projects related to traction railway vehicles. Joint-Stock Company Lithuanian Railways, which has implemented the renewal programme of traction vehicles, is currently installing innovative diesel engines in their traction vehicles with operation power from 224kW till 2800kW. As the demand for diesel internal combustion engines is increasing, big consideration was paid to their repair works. As the production of new locomotives with these modern internal combustion engines is increasing, so is the demand for maintenance works, capital repairs and quality requirements for repair works. The subcontractors are raising the fees for repair works and it creates much higher expenses for the company. In order to complete quality diesel internal combustion repair works in timely manner, Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot has continually faced two major problems since the beginning of company’s set off in 2003:

1. Deficiency of modern and technologically equipped repair manufactories;

2. Demand for equipment and specialized technologies to complete prospective projects.

During 2010-2013, Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot expanded the range of its railway vehicles services, extended internal combustion engine repair base, improved solutions for the problems, related to quality, work culture and nature preservation. Average/capital repair works of internal combustion engines of new design performed by the company are highly significant; therefore the railway vehicle VDV service center provided the following opportunities:

  • to increase the range of repair works in the repair base by executing disassembling, cleaning, diagnosis, repair, assemblage and testing-trial activities for nods and aggregates.
  • to modernize the infrastructure of production base, which enables to save electricity, thermal energy and not-renewable resources (natural gas, petroleum products and fuels, water);
  • the range of company’s products and services was expanded as well as nomenclature within the internal market and for the export;
  • modern technological equipment has been installed to perform repair works of internal combustion engine nods.

Establishment of VDV service center in Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot solved the strategic objective – to create a real opportunity for capital repair of internal combustion engines while applying the latest and most advanced technologies. In order to entrench in the internal combustion engine service and capital repair service market and by establishing VDV service center during 201-2013 the following objectives were accomplished:

  1. New industrial areas were created and existing ones were expanded;
  2. New internal engineering networks were installed and manufactory building was reconstructed;
  3. New and modern technical equipment was purchased as well as latest industrial programmes/services/technological processes were acquired;
  4. Qualifications of production and engineering employees were improved, certificates were received.