Electrical machinery repair works

LTG Tech is performing complex activities, related to the production and maintenance of railway transport.

We provide

  • electric traction engine maintenance services, repair works, capital repairs, modernization and remotorization services in one place;
  • advanced maintenance and modernization services for the traction vehicles.

Modern equipment allows you to perform work efficiently, within the minimal terms, using less energy resources and protecting the environment.

Washing and vacuum drying system

Technical parameters of the washer:

Designed to clean various oily surfaces.
Width: 1600 mm;
Length: 1500 mm;
Weight: up to 4 tones.

Technical parameters of the vacuum dryer:

Designed to dry the windings of electric equipment, which were washed with aqueous solution.
Length: 2000 mm.
Width 1500 mm.
Weight: up to 6 tones.

Impregnation system

Impregnation of electric machinery and their parts

Technical parameters of impregnation complex:

Designed only to dry and impregnate electric components in the presence of vacuum and pressure with impregnation resin.
Length: 1500 mm;
Width 1000 mm;
Weight: up to 3.5 tones;
Diameter: up to 1300 mm

Drying complex

Technical parameters of the drying complex:

Width: 1800 mm;
Length: 1800 mm;
Weight: up to 4 tones;
Temperature: from 20 °C till 200 °C.

Dynamic balancing of rotor and shaft

Technical parameters of the balancing machine:

Weight: from 30 kg till 3000 kg;
Length: from 500 mm till 2500 mm;
Diameter: from 20 mm till 1000mm.

Grinding of achor collector

Technical parameters of the lathe tool:

Diameter: from 15till 500 mm;
Weight: up to 4 tones.

Bearing induction heaters
Armature winding stand

This stand enables:

to examine the winding insulation;

to check the perforation of the armature insulation up to 15 kV;

to measure the resistivity

Armature tracks shaping

Technical parameters of the shaper tool:

Length of the armature collector: up to 380 mm;

Diameter of the armature collector:
from 150mm till 800 mm;

Weight: up to 4 t.

Generator’s 24 V testing stand

Detection of faults




50% load;

100% load.

Electric motor test stand MTS750R-600

This stand is designed to perform tests on electric motors with load and without:

• AS and DC electric motors;
• Traction engines;
• Synchronous motors;
• Asynchronous motors.

Each motor features a special testing control programme.

Range of possibilities:

• AC, DC or AC/DC testing systems;
• Medium or low voltage input options;
• Manual control, semi-automatic control, fully automated operation.

• Very accurate measurement of voltage, power, watts (kilowatts included), vibration, temperature and velocity.