Diesel locomotives

As the structures of railroad vehicle parks in Lithuania and foreign countries gradually change, the company raised new challenges regarding appropriate service and maintenance of vehicle repair base. In order to ensure quality service and competitiveness, the company keeps continuously improving range of its services.

Until 2003, the company performed only technical maintenance TM-3, current repair works CR -1, CR-3 for the old vehicles in service, and since 2004 the company executes major restorative repairs of railway vehicles and manufactures new railway vehicles with rapidly growing demand and nomenclature.

The company received a nomination from Joint-Stock Company Lithuanian Railways for being “The best subsidiary of Joint-Stock Company” in 2007.

A modernized shunting locomotive ČME3M was acknowledged as the best product of the year by the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists, Machinery and Equipment Industry group in 2008.

A shunting locomotive TEM THM, designed for Joint-Stock Company Lithuanian Railways was recognized as the best product of the year by the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists, Machinery andEquipment Industry group in 2009.

A shunting locomotive TEM TMH was awarded with gold medal in 2011 for being the first locomotive, designed for the foreign market.

The Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists awarded the company with nomination “Successfully operating establishment” in 2012 and 2013.

Early experience of the company in the remotorization of rail vehicle

Diesel passenger trains D1, DR1A:

  • 1995 – hydro mechanical gear boxes replaced by hydraulic transmissions in passenger diesel trains, 10 trains repaired in total;

  • 1998 – preparatory works for the modernization processes in passenger diesel trains DR1; 4 trains in total were repaired before the replacement of VDV MTU 8V396TC14 and hydraulic transmission Ganz-Mavag;

  • 2000 m. – preparatory modernization works in passenger diesel trains DR1A, were carried out before the replacement into VDV MTU 8V396TC14 and hydraulic transmission Voith-Turbo; 8 trains in total were repaired.