The company provides capital and current repair works of the locomotives and diesel trains. Currently, the company is implementing railway vehicle park renewal programme, which has a significant impact for the Lithuanian railways. Implementation of the project is divided in two steps: the first one – capital repairs of diesel locomotives and replacement of engines 5-26 DG, the second one – modernization of diesel locomotives 2M62 and ČME3.

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot also provides the following services:

  • capital repair of vehicles CR-2 including remotorization or modernization;
  • technical maintenance of the railway vehicles, routine repair works and capital repair;
  • detailed examination of the wheel sets; design and production of new wheel sets;
  • complete overhaul of electric vehicles and electric equipment;
  • average repair and capital repair of all types of railroad vehicles internal combustion engines, fuel systems, various kinds of compressors and manual actuators of the vehicles;
  • inspection and repair of railway vehicles speedometers, manometers and electric measurement devices;
  • mechanic and welding works of various constructions.

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot sells spare parts and nodes:

  • for the repair of passenger/freight locomotive M62, 2M62, TEP60, TEP70,
  • for the repair of shunting locomotives TEM2, CME3, TGK2, TGM4,
  • for the repair of diesel trains D1, DR1A,
  • spare parts for the maintenance and repair of other equipment.