Multipurpose machine KTD

KTD vehicle is a multipurpose machine suitable for companies specialized to make the construction and maintenance of the overhaul electrical railway line (catenary); it’s designed and assembled in respect of the last updated EN-norms.

Available for 1435 mm or 1520 mm gauge with maximum speed up to 90 km/h.

Year of beginning of production: 2013
Delivered number: 1 units
Delivery countries: Lithuania

Gauge, mm 1520
Distance between axles, mm 9000
Motorized axles 2
Maximum length of frame, mm 15000
Maximum high, mm 4900
Minimum curve radius, m 150
Tare, t 42
Loading capacity, t 2
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Maximum speed on working operation, km/h 0-5
Fuel tank capacity, l 700
Air compressed system power m3/h 60
Environment temperature, ˚C -32/+40
Electrical system, V 24
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