Our production

We are currently producing new locomotives TEM TMH, TEM LTH, TEM 33, TEM 35, new railway equipment KTD, AGRC, platforms MPP-61 and modernizing locomotives 2M62, ČME-3 and TGM-4.

Our services

Remotorization and modernization of the railway vehicles. Capital repair of electric traction engines and internal combustion engines repair works.

Specialized orders

We provide additional services and complete specialized orders.

Spare parts and components for sale

For repair of passenger / freight locomotives M62, 2M62, TEP70, shunting locomotives TEM2, ČME3, TGM4, all types of freight wagons as well for overhaul and maintenance of other equipment.


We develop international co-operation with foreign partners and seek to ensure the highest possible quality of our production and services provided.


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